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Fat Point brews fresh, local, hand-crafted beers everyday. You can find our products at some of the best bars, restaurants and stores from Tampa all the way to Naples. Want to find where you can enjoy one of our beers? Check out our Beer Finder app to find a bar, restaurant or store close to you.


Big Boca Ale

Florida Common Ale, 5.1% ABV
Available in 6-Packs of 12oz cans and Draft
Available year round.

Big Boca Ale is our most popular and best selling brew. It’s a beer with solid taste, without being overwhelming. A true session beer that pairs well with everything.

Brewmaster’s notes: Light and crisp session ale brewed with pilsner base and a blend of caramel and vienna malts. Smooth and easy to drink, this Florida Common Ale has a mild and pleasant hop character that subtly hits you up front and finishes with spicy, herbal and citrus notes.

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Ryeght Angle IPA

Rye India Pale Ale, 7.1% ABV
Available in 6-Packs of 12oz cans and Draft
Available year round.

Ryeght Angle IPA is an approachable IPA. Straying from the recently popular ‘west coast’ styles of IPA, Ryeght Angle is brewed with rye for a spicy, hoppy IPA that’s approachable and easy to drink.

Brewmaster’s notes: Our take on the IPA has everything you would find in a standard IPA, plus hints of chocolate and rye malts with a healthy addition of flaked rye. A generous hop schedule containing amarillo, nugget and styrian goldings boasts 90IBUS, which provides plenty of floral and citrus aromas to compliment the rye. To finish it off we dry hop with amarillo for a smooth and rich taste.

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Bru Man Chu

Belgian-Style Tripel, 11.0% ABV
Available in 22oz ‘bomber’ bottles and Draft
Available year round.

Despite being our highest ABV beer, Bru Man Chu is actually the beer that turns most non-beer drinkers into fans. A Belgian-style tripel, this is a clean tasting traditional Belgian variety.

Brewmaster’s notes: A complex ale with bitter orange peel and moderate hop bitterness. At 11%ABV is it designed for sipping and opens up as it warms.

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Going Mintal

Belgian-Style Wheat, 5.4% ABV
Available in Draft only
Available year round.

Going Mintal is an easy to drink, refreshing beer that’s indicative of Florida’s balmy weather and citrus. Based on the popular Belgian-style wheat beer with the subtle and refreshing additions of hints of lemon and mint.

Brewmaster’s notes: Going Mintal is a Belgian-style wheat that is lightly hopped and inspired by mint infused lemonade. Subtle Belgian characteristics paired with lemon and mint additions add depth and complexity to this classic style.

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Seasonals, Limited Releases & Tests

We always have seasonal beers, limited releases and new and interesting beers coming out. Some of them are draft-only, but we offer many bottle and can releases each year. Stop by our taproom to try whats available right now, or follow us on Facebook to see what we’re releasing this time of year!

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